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Getting vaccinated against preventable diseases is the best way to protect our community, especially because some of the most vulnerable often are not eligible for many vaccines. Maximize your health, and the health of our community, and get your vaccines up-to-date. Pharmax Pharmacy administers a variety of immunizations, including COVID-19, flu, shingles and pneumonia. Read up on vaccine recommendations -

COVID-19 Vaccine Update: We are now administering booster doses of Pfizer, Janssen (J&J) and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines depending on availability and schedule.

The CDC recently expanded eligibility for COVID-19 booster shots as of October 21st. Please see the CDC guidelines by following this link.

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  • Please call us directly at 636-937-7997 to schedule your appointment and check vaccine availability.
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  • Please call us directly to schedule your appointment.
  • Phone: 573-431-5040
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  • Please call us directly at 573-438-2189 to schedule a vaccine appointment